Why Ascend

Marathon Partners Consulting helps contact centers and complex back office environments achieve greater operational efficiencies by leveraging ASCEND’s analytics, quality and coaching modules.

ASCEND was created to provide timely and meaningful information to staff, front-line leaders and executives and was designed with an eye on fostering coaching and continuous improvement.

At MPC we believe front-line coaching is not intended to be an event but rather a commitment! Coaching needs to be embraced as a management discipline, a philosophy and a way of communicating. 

Product Benefits

Analyze Performance and Processes

Daily feedback and peer comparisons to analyze staff, team and department performance results.

Balance Reporting

Reporting productivity and quality side by side, supported by other meaningful and insightful KPI’s.

"Structured" Coaching Approach

Don’t just tell your leadership to “go coach”, provide them with a proven, effective and structured approach to coaching.

Visibility At All Levels

Organizational level and staff level dashboards provide instant visibility throughout the organization. Simple, intuitive red, yellow, green visuals help to quickly identify areas of opportunity.

Sustainable Results

Using ASCEND to provide daily visibility to performance supported by continual leadership coaching will provide the foundation to deliver ongoing sustainability and continuous improvement.

Our Approach

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 1


Identify and quantify the opportunity. Build the solution roadmap and provide the guaranteed ROI.

Step 2

Improvement Project

Fully Implement the solution roadmap.
Deliver on our promises!

Step 3


Continued use of ASCEND to provide daily performance visibility and long-term sustainable results.

Continuous Improvement
Sustainable Results

ASCEND Analytics

The analytics module provides front-line leaders, staff and the executive team with the KPI’s that matter most. We build custom, collaboratively designed, intuitive, red-yellow-green dashboards for the agents, front-line leaders and executives. The dashboards and reports are created to deliver a “balanced view” to include both productivity and quality, supported by other meaningful KPI’s


ASCEND Quality

The quality module is very simple to deploy, and no external data integrations are required. It provides insights to either call center or back office process reviews to ensure the level of quality expected is the level of quality provided. “Inspect what you expect”. The quality module provided instant feedback to the agent/employee and is designed to provide direct input to agent/employee ongoing coaching and development.

ASCEND Coaching

The coaching module is also very simple to deploy and does not require any external data integrations. The coaching modules provide a structured methodology, “The ASCEND coaching approach” which includes a process to analyze and structure the coaching session. Provide guidance and best practices on how to communicate and engage when delivering the coaching session. And finally, the all important follow up. Frequency, techniques and approaches. This structured approach is critical to delivering results. We often find organizations that have the best intentions when it comes to coaching and employee development, but they often fall short in providing the front-line leaders with the methodologies and tools necessary to be successful.


The SFM or system for managing is a collaboratively designed, ongoing frontline leadership approach, structure and rigor placed around the use of ASCEND. It provides clarity on daily, weekly and monthly leadership activity expectations, such as quality review, side-by-side observations, analytics reviews, coaching sessions, leadership read-up sessions and the overall use of the ASCEND tool. The SFM leadership structure focuses on those activities which have the most impact on driving continuous improvements and long-term sustainable results.

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